Freedom of Speech & Right to Assemble

Freedom of Speech & Right to Assemble

Monday, November 29, 2010

New ! Gnew! Gnu! Knew! Video. 11/24/10

Here is last week's video, please email Arthur Hitchcock so he can give credit to everyone involved.
Full Name and Name of work will be perfect.

Thanks to everyone for coming out, it was a great turnout and we hope that it only continues to grow.

Writer's Block 11/24/10 from Arthur Hitchcock on Vimeo.

Friday, November 12, 2010

The BlackEYE Review...

Hey, we're still taking submissions, and remember, it's whatever you want it to be, but just in case there was any confusion, here are the submission guidelines...

Since The Writers Block has been going so well down here in Long Beach, we've decided to start a little publication. We’ve decided to call it The BlackEYE Review Call it a magazine, a zine, or even a mag, call it whatever you want but get ready for it, because its going to be rad! We're willing to publish pretty much anything that you want to submit. For Example:

Music & Lyrics
Jokes (?)
Short Stories
Rants & Raves
Visual Art (will be printed in black&white)
Artists statements
News & Reviews of pretty much anything

We're also giving out a prompt for an article I'm working on. We'd love to have anyone send us any sort of response to "what is street poetry/what does it mean to you/is it good/why?"

For More Information Either Email Us At or (please try the cbgb address first)
or check us out on the web (you're already here...might as well) at