Freedom of Speech & Right to Assemble

Freedom of Speech & Right to Assemble

Thursday, November 24, 2011


today we can thank three squad cars and 5 officers for a likely 450 dollar fine, for us upholding our constitutional right of freedom of speech, and right to assemble. another beautiful The Writers Block on another lovely southern California Wednesday. The day before Thanksgiving, nothing but the same old thing expected from free thinkers and spectators all the same. at 1230 a squad car pulls up a
nd everyone leaves like normal (being respectful) and me keeping to my word went to talk to the police officer and take credit giving everyone time to leave, the officer said that he knew what we are doing and that we are just sharing words and ideas as always and was about to let us leave, but of course another squad car had to pull up, and two young gentlemen came to the aid, one asking for my i.d. cooperating i handed it over, being polite as humanly possible,he takes my id and runs it, nothing comes up and with out even saying anything to me i see him pull out a pad and start writing me a misdemeanor for being in the park after dark. Now his partner was standing wide and stern, as a homeless man who was enjoying and sharing at the writers block (davolicious) was telling them to give him the ticket and take him to jail. one of the two back up officers (the one not writing the ticket) informed him that no one was going to jail or getting a ticket, i kindly informed him that i was in fact getting a ticket, he shrugged and said well we've talked to you before, and then of course another squad car pulled up. by this time everyone had cleared up and it was me and camille. thank you long beach pd you can be sure that i will raise hell because for about 6 months we were aloud to be on the bluffs sharing ideas and music and thoughts. 

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Goddamnit Jonny

Long Beach, we're leaving san francisco and coming to invade you towards the end of september, anyone who can help me book shows for my friend Jonny B. should get ahold of me pronto! is the one to use for now, give this guy a listen.

Friday, April 22, 2011

NOLA Writer's Block is off to a great start!

Kate Smash left California for the Big Sleazy, but brought a piece of it with her. She realized that the smorgasbord of brilliant, talented people in New Orleans would create a fantastic Writers Block...and how right she was! So far we have had internationally famous magicians, captivating story tellers, slam poets, musicians, dancers, and more. The vibe is mellow and supportive, everyone is attentive and excited for every performer under the beautiful backdrop of Jackson Square.

If you live in New Orleans or are traveling through, please visit us!

Every Wednesday 9pm
Ampitheatre on Decatur (directly across from Jackson Sq.)

No Mic, No list, No Shit!

Monday, April 4, 2011

So Much Beauty it Could Make You Cry

new stop motion project

from July's footage.

Don't forget to go to QUIET LIGHTNING tonight.  info below.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Write a letter, change the world.

As those of you in Long Beach already know, The Writers Block has been getting prematurely shut down because of some "noise complaint" calls that the city has been receiving.  We believe that these calls are not coming from annoyed citizens but are coming from one person who is shutting the writers block down out of a personal grudge.

Arthur Hitchcock who has been on the scene in Long Beach for the last few months has put all the details on this Facebook event Page....(click here)

We're asking that everyone who knows anything about the Writers Block (or anyone from the 16thmission crew in SF) write us a letter at to show your support, we are trying to collect some letters of support in hopes of becoming supported by the city of Long Beach.

go here for more info...


Sunday, March 13, 2011

get me a hospital bed

The Cold War Kids may have been one of the greatest bands to come out of Long Beach in years.....they sure went and fucked that reputation up with their last album "mine is yours"

my only question to the kids is, "what the hell guys?" you can't expect your fans to patiently wait another 2 years to redeem yourselves.

Looks like I need to find a new band to look forward to seeing.


but hey Long Beach, don't let that get you down, there are still cool things going on in the sleepy southernmost point of Los Angeles County, check out the Writers Block this wednesday night.

every wednesday @10pm in Bluff Park

don't miss ryan serrano's brilliant antics at the portfolio open mic night either,

two of long beach's finest treasures.


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Give 'Em Hell Arthur

Arthur Hitchcock, you are a glimmer of hope to anyone who says that the age of exploration is over.  The great spirit of the west lives in you.  I wish you the best of luck in all of your conquests.

for anyone who is unaware of who Arthur Hitchcock is, you should check out his blog (titled above) and find out what this good friend of mine is up to.

You'll be impressed I promise.

oh yeah, also all the writers block videos are on there.


Saturday, February 19, 2011


"Tonight was ended abruptly
By 4 squad cars and an LA county SUV
Who were called to detain 8 poets just for speaking freely
As if that was not enough please tell me why
It was necessary for a pork chopper to light up the sky
Are they really that concerned with our words getting to the sheeple?
Or is it just because we weren’t under the cover of a steeple?
As we said our words into the night
Words; not drugs or weapons, not prostitution or anything like that but they still pick a fight
They still had to put us in their big bad spot light
Anyways I would like to thank the Long Beach PD
For having such courtesy
To inspire me"
        -Jonathan Negrete

In regards to Wednesday February 16th Writers Block session. The night was wonderful, we had a great turn out. Could not have asked for a better night. It was around 1:15 in the am, there where 8 poet's/musician/artists/ left, we were all packing up are stuff; guitars, notebooks, mic stands, candles, throwing trash away and preparing to leave. When we see a bright light coming towards us, and i wish i could say it was an encounter with another species, well in some senses it was. An officer pulls up and gets on the megaphone and says "all of you need to get down here and come to the patrol are", us being the polite respectable young adults that we are kindly followed her instruction. We all walked down the steps leaving the mural we have come to call home on Wednesday nights behind. We walk up the path leading to the patrol car with all of our things in our hands. The officer asked us to put all of our stuff to the side and sit in a line on the ground in front of the patrol car. We obliged, as she starts to question us on things that where irrelevant to why we where being talked to like 12 year olds, like who is going to take responsibility for the beer bottle, in unison we all way what beer bottle, the officer pointed at mar and said the one she just threw away. Mar looked at her and said it was root beer, which it was. As all of this was happening three other LBPD patrol cars pool up, because you know how unruly 8 artist are, we asked the officers how there nights where going and with no reply they just stared at us with disgust, degrading. The first officer who arrived at the scene was a women, she started to lecture us about how dangerous it is to be here, and the not only is it illegal, because the public beach closes at 10 the public public public beach closed at 10, but that transits often sleep under the mural and that it is unsanitary and they they come and roust them, yes the officers paid to protect you roust the homeless who sleep on a raised platform by the closed beach where people are not aloud to be so that they will move up to the streets where they can be a nu sense to the people. Its kind of funny because we have had the writers block sessions in that same location for 6 months now and the only instances we have had with the homeless is the one or two times when one of them have sat in the corner and listened to the performances. And as the lady cop was giving this very moving and persuading speech we got a nice big spot light shined on us from up in the sky once again not an alien encounter but a police helicopter thats right a police helicopter, for 8 poets reading poetry on the beach not harming anyone. Money well spent if you ask me. She then went on the collect our ID's and if we did not have that our names and address', and while she was running all of that, a la sheriff SUV showed up (funny thing about that is LA Sheriffs do not have jurisdiction in long beach). And after all that hassle at around 1:45 she gave us our ID's said to leave and recapped her speech. 

Sunday, January 2, 2011

A new chapter.

This week marks a new chapter for the writers block it will now be with out aPex bLack,
of course he will be there inspirit and he will have words to share but he is now in san fransisco,
holding it down as always.
i can assure you the writers block will still carry on with great momentum.
hope to see you all wed. at ten on the bluffs in beautiful long beach california.
much love