Freedom of Speech & Right to Assemble

Freedom of Speech & Right to Assemble

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


The Writers Block 3 is tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight tonight!!

bring our your notebooks, obscure instruments, songs, poems, shenanigans, and skullduggery.  lets make this one the best one yet.

@ the mural (on the beach) below cherry park (in Long Beach)
Ocean Blvd between cherry & Junipero


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lets make Writers Block III the best one yet.

that poetry event last night was really cool. just thought i'd let you know that i really enjoyed it. All the creativity flowing, the nicotine flowing through our veins, and the beer coursing down our throats, all so lovely. so thank you for the opportunity to experience all that.
-constance towers.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

let me              climb            the walls to your castle

          let me
    walk past the gaurd dogs with out blood shed....
a n d                                              
                   let me in
        or leave me be
            because mind games        distress
        a n d
    i dont know if i can take blood shed any more
        but   i think             you could            take me

at least take me somewhere                  other than
            where i stand
        which as it stands
    is no where near you
                but that could change
    a n d i c o u l d as well
and i could swell with content           as you disconect my internet so i

                        stalk you
    but who said i was
                        stalking you
    who said    
            oh i said you

Saturday, September 25, 2010


If anyone out there has a piece of work, poem, photograph, movie, painting, or anything that they would like to have displayed on our blog, please email it to us at for consideration. thanks guys.

a poem

I want to take my love
my resent
my hate
and scream it in your face
like ghetto blasting through dark alleys
at 2am
dark and high
because Ive played it safe for too long

and despite it all
she said
everything was fine
but fines not enough when youre falling too fast for the wind to keep up

tie your shoes kid
they're bound to fall off
mind your cues kid
know when to step off

I tried to love you
but I couldnt hop on
the games gotten too tame
like benadryls gonna stop my cough
and tylenol is gonna stop my pain

substitute caffeine with cocaine
tryptophan for heroin
because chivalrys not
but recognition is dead

like punk rock
like hip hop
and talk radio
my lonely friends

wolf in sheeps clothing
pulled wool over my eyes
told me love was alive
turns out it was lies

so Im humming the blues
because I know those are true

like letters
twenty six depends on how you
cut it like grass
hundreds of blades slicing atmosphere
in perpetual motion like dust
millions of particles
floating through my room like thoughs

and I cant even count the thoughts

so she mustve been right
and here Im inadequate
but I know she was wrong
so here Ill take a stab at it

night after night
she sits
not that she knows it
too drunk to stumble up the stiars
but its the kind of block
where nobody cares
so she waits
knows damn well that soon Ill come outside
to smoke some fresh air

before I know
Im on the porch
fingers running through my hair
and thats love
boiled down to its simplest form
and thats how I want it

so I wrote a poem in pink
used words nice and gentle
swore that I loved her
mustve been mental
or my mistake might have been
loving prose more than her
when she hadnt a fuck to give
for love not bought from a store
and blamed it on me
for loving her

so Im alone
on the edge of midnight and sanity
waiting on the galaxy
to spit something back at me

anything at all
except for the apathy
thats brought on
by intangible energy
or maybe its the coctail
of blunt smoke and dramamine
I never held this over her head
but I'm about to tonight


lets go back in time
she can save her own damn life.


Thursday, September 23, 2010


Thanks again to everyone who came out last night, we had some great newcomers, but not enough performers!  C'mon Long Beach, surely we can do better than this?  If anyone out there has something that they would like to say, or do, or perform please feel free to come out we would love to have you.  And a special thank you to Artie & AP for your game show style shenanigans, and John, for unceasingly playing the guitar last night.  Can't wait for next week, until then, stay creative!


Wednesday, September 22, 2010




just a few typewriters and their owners.
David Sedaris

harper lee

Jack kerouac

Ian Flemming

Charles Bukowski

Monday, September 20, 2010

San Francisco's Best Kept Secret....untill now.

The Secret Secretaries are a fixture at the 16th and Mission reading series up in beautiful San Francisco, which as many of you may know is where I got my inspiration to start The Writers Block, they have a blog too and believe it or not its even better than ours...

But back to the point.  The Secret Secretaries, with their minimalist drumming, punk rock guitar, and ear piercing vocals have long been one of my very most favorite bands...and now they've gone and recorded themselves a full length album.  As a long distance fan, this is truly surreal to me.  I can't wait to get my copy and once you hear them, you won't be able to either.  Not to mention that the first 100 fans to get their grubby little paws on a copy will also get to experience the delights of a limited edition (signed?) chap book featuring lyrics and poems from band members Shyeanne Powers, Nic Burrose, and Stellar Cassidy.

"wow, thats an offer too good to pass up! where can I get a copy?"
                                             -anonymous fan

Well, unfortunately, they're not for sale yet, but that doesn't mean that you cant go over to The Secret Secretaries Reverb Nation page for a little sneak preview.  Oh, and while you're at it you might as well check them out on facebook and myspace.

Stay updated for the album release and buy yourself a's not like you'll regret it.

"I jumped forward in time to give this album a listen, my mind was fucking BLOWN"
                                          -anonymous time traveling fan



I made a new flyer, its simaliar to the last one, to those of you who had an original one...its a collectors item now.  but I made this new one, it has our blog and email on it, as well as better directions.  8 of them fit on one sheet of computer paper so I'm posting the design here, if anyone wants to help out, feel free to print one, print two, or print seventy-three of them for all we care, cut em up and pass em out. thanks.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

We're on facebook now.

In addition to our event page......

We now have a fan page, I know it might seem like overkill, but I just want good coverage.  Now you can "like" us.  tell all your friends!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The First Writers Block Session...a smashing success

Thanks to everyone who came out last night, I'd really appreciate you emailing us at so that we can maybe start some sort of mailing list.  Also, if anyone has work that they would like displayed on the blog, please send it to me.  

OH YEAH, see you all next week.