Freedom of Speech & Right to Assemble

Freedom of Speech & Right to Assemble

Thursday, November 24, 2011


today we can thank three squad cars and 5 officers for a likely 450 dollar fine, for us upholding our constitutional right of freedom of speech, and right to assemble. another beautiful The Writers Block on another lovely southern California Wednesday. The day before Thanksgiving, nothing but the same old thing expected from free thinkers and spectators all the same. at 1230 a squad car pulls up a
nd everyone leaves like normal (being respectful) and me keeping to my word went to talk to the police officer and take credit giving everyone time to leave, the officer said that he knew what we are doing and that we are just sharing words and ideas as always and was about to let us leave, but of course another squad car had to pull up, and two young gentlemen came to the aid, one asking for my i.d. cooperating i handed it over, being polite as humanly possible,he takes my id and runs it, nothing comes up and with out even saying anything to me i see him pull out a pad and start writing me a misdemeanor for being in the park after dark. Now his partner was standing wide and stern, as a homeless man who was enjoying and sharing at the writers block (davolicious) was telling them to give him the ticket and take him to jail. one of the two back up officers (the one not writing the ticket) informed him that no one was going to jail or getting a ticket, i kindly informed him that i was in fact getting a ticket, he shrugged and said well we've talked to you before, and then of course another squad car pulled up. by this time everyone had cleared up and it was me and camille. thank you long beach pd you can be sure that i will raise hell because for about 6 months we were aloud to be on the bluffs sharing ideas and music and thoughts. 

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  1. sorry to hear the shitty news. unfortunately some people choose to go into law enforcement not to make citizens's lives better, but to get some sense of self-worth and compensate for the mediocre lives they'd always had